Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pictures of February Mexico Mission Trip to Santa Monica (near Monterrey)

above: exterior when we arrived (before windows and front door).
above: interior.
above: Construction project coordinator Rick Owens gives a pep talk to Fort Gibson, Sand Springs, and Tyler,Texas groups before the work begins on Monday of our trip.

above: Missions deacon Glen Elliott tying together rebar to support concrete roof on second story of church building. The structure land was purchased by the Fort Gibson Church of Christ, and is being built by mission teams from Fort Gibson as well as several other church groups who are taking part in the project at various times throughout the year.

above: Work begins on getting rebar and conduit for electricity in place so concrete can be poured the next day. This is the roof above the second story classrooms.

above: Anthony Wallace, Dustin Stilwell, and Cade Roberts working on second story roof.

above: finished second story roof.

above: first window installed.

above: front door installed.

Video of February 2010 Mexico Mission trip

This is a video summary of our mission trip to Monterrey Mexico February 6-12, 2010. Missionaries from the Fort Gibson Church of Christ included: Jeri Collins, Glen Elliott, Everett Laney, Kenny Lashley, Cade Roberts, Dustin Stilwell, Barrett Vanlandingham, and Anthony Wallace.

If you have trouble playing the video above, use this alternate site for viewing: