Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One very exciting addition to deacon Glen Elliott's missions ministry in 2012 is World Bible School. This ministry is headed up by Karissa Bruce who was already active in missions here, having been to Honduras (along with teenage granddaughter Morgan) on our summer 2011 trip. Karissa joins thousands of other Christians in sending and grading Bible correspondence courses for 2-million students around the globe!

Honduras - September 2012

Our preaching minister Dan Rouse (left) and our missions deacon Glen Elliott (Right)posing for a pic with Honduran preachers Olvin Florez and Siney Medina. Our congregation is financially supporting Olvin and Siney who are spreading the Gospel message to neighborhoods just outside of the capital city of Tegucigulpa. Olvin and Siney graduated in December 2010 from the Baxter Institute (four year preaching school in Tegucigulpa). The purpose of this trip was to touch base with our young missionaries, Siney and Olvin, to help them define a plan for their evangelistic work. The four also toured Mission Lazarus (in southern Honduras) where the church of Christ supported work as planted over twenty congregations since 2001.
During Dan and Glen's trip, they were able to deliver milk cows to these families in southern Honduras after a very successful fundraising effort by the Fort Gibson church of Christ (led by Gean Hackworth and her teenage son, Hunter who also lead the Magi Project in Fort Gibson to send shoe box size gifts to Honduran children for Christmas). These Honduran families are Christians thanks to a man who himself was helped and converted by missionaries at the church of Christ backed "Mission Lazarus". The man's daughter received life-saving treatment in the U.S. through "Mission Lazarus", and so the man spends much of his time going house to house telling about the love of Christ and planting churches.
Siney Medina and Olvin Florez
Sunday evening service at a small church recently planted by Siney and Olvin.