Monday, April 23, 2018

The Great Commission

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. - Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reaching out to others will change your life

by Barrett Vanlandingham

July 9, 2013

            Living in a third world country even for a short amount of time has a way of putting some things into perspective.  Our 28 member Honduras mission team (from Fort Gibson Church of Christ) landed safely back in Tulsa last Wednesday after spending nine days in southern Honduras about a mile from the border of Nicaragua (as a crow flies).
             Our job was to change lives or at least bring joy through serving people who live in extreme poverty there.  We did our best to share the love of Christ.  While some of our group poured a concrete floor for a medical clinic we help support, and a nearby place of worship, others of us conducted a four-day Vacation Bible School for about 90 children, and handed out food bags in a nearby fishing village. 
            We delivered two milk cows with money raised by young kids from our church, and delivered another milk cow with money raised by the Alpha and Omega club at Fort Gibson High School.  The cows were awarded to responsible Christian families who will use some of the milk for themselves and give some to their impoverished neighbors.
            Before leaving Honduras, we built a small wooden house (16’ x 16’) for a local preacher who is just starting out, and does not own a bed or any other furniture.
            But for as much effort as we put into changing lives, as always it was our mission team who came back changed.  Anyone who has ever been on a mission trip would say the same thing. 
            The fact is that when God says He rewards those who earnestly seek Him, He means it, whether your efforts are local or abroad.  One thing is for sure, all who went to Honduras will never again look at life here in the U.S. the same.   Have a great week!
  During our VBS in Cedeno, Honduras, we clowned around and spent time with children like Juan (2nd from the left).  At night, he sleeps outside with animals, and he survives by eating mangos that fall from the trees.  He is one of about 100 kids who eat lunch five days a week at the church-supported nutrition site where we were working.
  Shown here are some of the officers of Fort Gibson High School’s Alpha and Omega club, Gracie Vanlandingham, Hunter Hackworth, Hayden Hackworth, and Krista Keeley. They went on the mission trip and personally awarded a milk cow to Delia Aguilar who lives in Choluteca, Honduras. This past school year, club members raised enough money ($800) to purchase and deliver  the cow with the help of Mission Lazarus, a Christian service organization there. The recipient is a Christian who raises eleven children as a single mother. 

  This is one of the locals we delivered food bags to in an effort to spread the love of Christ.  The small hut she lives in is typical for those who live in this fishing village in southern Honduras just a couple of blocks away from the Pacific Ocean.
   Mission trip leaders Glen and Robin Elliott seen here smoothing out dirt and rock floor before concrete can be poured under the medical clinic which is up on stilts because of flooding.  The concrete floor will provide a good location for children to play and eat. Most of the kids do not have shoes, which results in intestinal illnesses caused by bacteria they get from the dirt, and unclean water they drink at home.  Although a newly installed water system at this site should help alleviate some of this problem.

 Lisa Vanlandingham, Terry Hackworth, and Susan Keeley laying bricks around the worship pavilion while Gabe Laney pours cement, sand, and gravel into the mixer.
   Missionaries from Fort Gibson (alphabetical order) include:   Rachel Archer, Glen and Robin Elliott, Terry, Gean, Hunter, Hayden, and Hannah  Hackworth,  Jerry, Susan, Krista, and Kali Keeley,  Everett and Gabe Laney. Edgar Lucero,  Brittany Palmer, Sara and Hope Perry, Mona Seabolt, Roy Smith, Bree Snider, Dustin Stillwell, Zachary Taylor, Barrett, Lisa, Gracie, and Britton Vanlandingham, Kara Wallace.
  (VBS teachers) Edgar Lucero (right) is one of the ministers for South College Church of Christ’s Hispanic congregation in Tahlequah. He teamed up with Honduran preacher Siney Medina (left) to portray Kiko(Edgar) and Chavos (Siney), well-known Latin American comedy characters.  Their routine kept the attention of the children so they could teach the kids Bible stories through song.

 Round and round we go!  Playing games with children during VBS in Honduras.
Although most of us on the trip couldn't communicate well enough in Spanish to be the "out front" teachers/singers, the job of having the puppets mouth along with the songs worked just fine.  There was also plenty of crowd control that just about anyone could help with somewhat successfully.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Many of you are interested in keeping up with the mission efforts in Central America of Bob Young (former Fort Gibson Church of Christ preacher). He keeps a very thorough report of his activities on the following website:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One very exciting addition to deacon Glen Elliott's missions ministry in 2012 is World Bible School. This ministry is headed up by Karissa Bruce who was already active in missions here, having been to Honduras (along with teenage granddaughter Morgan) on our summer 2011 trip. Karissa joins thousands of other Christians in sending and grading Bible correspondence courses for 2-million students around the globe!

Honduras - September 2012

Our preaching minister Dan Rouse (left) and our missions deacon Glen Elliott (Right)posing for a pic with Honduran preachers Olvin Florez and Siney Medina. Our congregation is financially supporting Olvin and Siney who are spreading the Gospel message to neighborhoods just outside of the capital city of Tegucigulpa. Olvin and Siney graduated in December 2010 from the Baxter Institute (four year preaching school in Tegucigulpa). The purpose of this trip was to touch base with our young missionaries, Siney and Olvin, to help them define a plan for their evangelistic work. The four also toured Mission Lazarus (in southern Honduras) where the church of Christ supported work as planted over twenty congregations since 2001.
During Dan and Glen's trip, they were able to deliver milk cows to these families in southern Honduras after a very successful fundraising effort by the Fort Gibson church of Christ (led by Gean Hackworth and her teenage son, Hunter who also lead the Magi Project in Fort Gibson to send shoe box size gifts to Honduran children for Christmas). These Honduran families are Christians thanks to a man who himself was helped and converted by missionaries at the church of Christ backed "Mission Lazarus". The man's daughter received life-saving treatment in the U.S. through "Mission Lazarus", and so the man spends much of his time going house to house telling about the love of Christ and planting churches.
Siney Medina and Olvin Florez
Sunday evening service at a small church recently planted by Siney and Olvin.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Honduras - June - 2011

The following pics were taken near Tegucigalpa Honduras (the capital), and further south near Mission Lazarus (near Choluteca). Our mission team helped contruct a wall around a Church of Christ supported medical clinic, nutrition site, worship location near the Pacific Ocean. We delivered food to some needy families with the aid of a local preacher there. We also helped build an addition at a local church building in Tegucigalpa. Our 3rd-5th graders in Fort Gibson raised about $900 so we could buy a cow and deliver it to a Honduran family. One local church presented our team with Honduran soccer jerseys! We also purchased laptops and a digital camera for our new missionaries Siney Medina and Olvin Florez. We are making plans for summer 2012.

Honduras - June - 2011