Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter Trip to Mexico --- February 2-8, 2008

Below are pics of the near-finished building
in General Cepeda (about an hour southwest of Saltillo)
we worked on in June 2007.
This time (February 2008) we took an adult mission team including:
Dana Gist, Kenny Lashley, Gary Cook, Glen Elliott, Everett Laney,
David Gist, Dan Rouse, Carol Rouse, Dustin Stilwell. The man in
the cowboy hat is a preacher from Monterrey named Ladi

Below are pics of the land we purchased near
Monterrey in the very small town of
San Monica, Mexico. The property is 37 X 70 meters,
and lies in the path of what will soon be a very
densely populated area after the government
finishes building several hundred housing projects.
The value of the land has already doubled
since we purchased it
for $70,000 in the summer of 2007.
Several congregations have joined in the effort
and are helping us pay for the land. If your church would
also like to help, please call our church office 918-478-2222
so we can connect you with our missions deacon Glen Elliott.